Are you playing to win, or just trying not to lose?


Another year has come and gone and AIT clients are stronger than ever. In 2016, AIT saw many of its clients post dealership-best sales figures by setting goals and putting in the work to reach them. Most of the time, improvement is as easy as believing and achieving.

Every dealership has different needs and different obstacles to overcome in order to achieve their goals. Some dealerships require a higher number of leads and phone opportunities. They're using AIT's proven BDC and Internet sales plans effectively; all they need are more prospects looking to purchase. AIT worked with several dealerships to identify quality third party Internet leads - leads that present dealerships with genuine sales opportunities - and worked to integrate them into the lead rotation. We also helped a number of dealerships increase their phone activities by using website prompting techniques as well as helping them identify new and effective outbound call opportunities.

In other cases, dealerships received plenty of leads and phone opportunities, but did not have an effective response strategy in place. It's difficult to maintain communication with Internet prospects; many prospects are hard to get ahold of and require a high number of emails before they respond. AIT's proven Internet sales plan calls for a follow-up schedule using both emails and telephone calls. Once these dealerships implemented AIT's proven Internet sales plan, they tracked an average increase of 146% in Internet lead closing ratios.  We also launched an entirely new program for telephone prospects with all new scripts that reflect the change in customer communication habits, incorporating mobile messaging as part of an overall, very effective strategy.

The need to improve is a constant in the car business; every dealership wants to build on their current numbers because they know they have the ability to do so. The first step is setting a goal. AIT works with BDC and Internet sales teams to set personal sales goals from month to month, in order to challenge them to reach their potential. It's equally important for dealers and managers to challenge their organization; set the bar high and work harder to reach it. Once you've identified what it is you want to achieve, AIT's time tested and dealership driven BDC and Internet sales process will help you reach your goal. All it takes on your part is a commitment to being great, persistence, hard work, and a little help from someone like us.

Have a great 2017, and let's sell lots!