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Yes, we're really that confident...

When we started AIT over 15 years ago, even we weren't expecting the full extent of the Internet's impact on the consumer vehicle shopping experience.  As dealerships scrambled to react to this change, they often found that they were spending more and more on "solutions," but getting the same (or even worse) results.

By constantly listening to "the voice of the customer," and paying close attention to our client's results, we've been able to keep our message up to date, and effectively meet the ever-increasing expectations of today's car buyer.  That, along with our years of experience in real dealership operations, and our relentless commitment to seeing our clients have success, has resulted in genuinely effective solution for the dealership BDC and Internet process, that is easily and affordably implemented by real automotive professionals - in your dealership, without any additional expense or loss of time travelling to distant workshops.