AIT is proud to be made up of people with real world auto dealership experience, so we don't just "talk the talk."  We're uniquely qualified to understand what needs to happen in your dealership to get the best possible results.


Al Amersdorfer - President and CEO

Al has over 25 years of dealership experience as General Manager and Dealer Operator, working extensively with a large dealer group, and GM Motors Holding before starting AIT. "I was lucky enough to work with some great people who gave me a lot of opportunities to learn different areas of the business, and it didn't take me long to realize I was 'hooked.'  The retail auto business is the most exciting and challenging thing you can ever do.  It's not always easy, but it's never boring!"

Since its creation, AIT has since become a recognized leader in the retail automobile BDC/Internet sales industry, winning numerous accolades and awards. Al has been a featured speaker at numerous events and conferences, and is a regular contributor to widely-renown industry publications such as Ward's Dealer Business magazine.  When asked what he likes best about what he does now he says, "Without a doubt, it's seeing the dealerships do so well.  Our new dealership clients are almost so damned excited to see it start to work.  There's a certain way that works best for showroom customers, another way that works best with phone ups, and a whole other way that works with Internet prospects."

Al grew up in western Michigan and lives in the suburban Detroit area. He is the extremely proud parent of two daughters: the oldest a public relations executive for a school district, and the other a Graduate student in Texas who is finishing her PhD. He went to Western Michigan University, and has certifications from several GMI programs as well as numerous other Internet marketing workshops.

Kathleen Dillon - Vice-President and COO

Kathleen was one of the industry’s first pure Internet sales managers, and launched one of the most successful dealership Internet sales departments in the nation, generating almost 30 percent of her dealership’s total sales, and was named “Internet Manager of the Year,” at a national dealer conference in Las Vegas.  Coming from a background in Investments and Finance, she is seasoned when it comes to gauging the big picture and implementing the strategies necessary to achieve long term goals.  When Kathleen switched gears to join the dealership world, she knew her discipline, commitment to process, and tech-savvy disposition made her an ideal fit for this, at the time, brand new dealership position.

After spending several years as an Internet Sales Manager and earning numerous awards and accolades, she and Al founded AIT. Kathleen has been a featured speaker at several industry events and conferences, and contributed to Ward's Dealer Business, and other industry publications.

When asked what she likes best about her role at AIT, she responds: "I think I probably enjoy working with the salespeople best of all. I like coaching for success and making them believers when we get those results. I've spent a lot of money over the years paying off lunch bets for salespeople who keep setting new records!"

Kathleen is a native of metropolitan Detroit and a graduate of Wayne County Community College.  She is an avid sports fan and accomplished martial arts practitioner. Her philosophy of gaining the competitive edge through long-term planning and strategic placement is put to the test when she takes the ice, playing in several Detroit area female hockey leagues. It’s probably a good thing that her son, a health care professional, is nearby.

Julie Connick - Client Support Manager

Julie is the go-to person at AIT as she does everything from working with dealership management, to helping salespeople, to client evaluations and month end reviews.  She has rapidly become the AIT specialist in working with CRM's and LMT's, and works closely with our clients setting up and fine tuning their Internet prospect response schedules and templates. She loves to learn new things, and takes a lot of pride in her attention to detail and accuracy.

"The thing I like most about my job is helping the dealership managers see how easy it is to get results, once they learn how to do it.  I just try to keep them focused and make everything as easy as possible for them."

Julie is a native Detroiter, with a busy family schedule in addition to her role with AIT, and she keeps us updated regularly on the many accomplishments of her superstar athlete daughter.  We all appreciate Julie's helpful nature; although we don't know how she can survive on how little she eats!

Andie Logan - Client Process Specialist

Andie is on the front lines of AIT's ongoing training process. She spends her days working directly with our client dealership Internet salespeople and BDC Reps, and she has probably read more emails and listened to more phone calls than any other human being on the face of the earth!  Prior to joining AIT, Andie was involved in a variety of marketing positions, and also worked for several years as a private investigator.

"I enjoy working with the BDC reps, and helping them connect with their customers.  It's especially satisfying to help the newer reps build their contat skills, and hearing their excitement when they hit the goals we work on every month."

Andie was born and raised in the metro Detroit suburbs.  She is appreciated at AIT for her dogged determination, her happy presence, and her insightful intellect.  When she isn't online reading emails and listening to calls, she can usually be found exploring Detroit's sports evues, hanging out with her cat Rufio, or studying for her current college course load.

Angie Barrett - BDC Response Specialist

Angie is responsible for responding to responding to Internet prospect leads and phone calls for our ACE (Active Customer Engagement) clients.  She has several years of experience managing a Texas dealership group's BDC, and is genuinely fascinated with the process that Internet shoppers utilize when they are looking for their next car.

"A lot of dealers don't understand that these people just want credible answers and help.  You can't just tell them to come into the dealership, they have to be impressed enough by your emails and phone calls that they see the dealership visit as the logical next step in the process."

Angie is a native of Denton, TX and still misses the warm winters.  When she isn't helping customers make dealership appointments, she's busy with her two cats and two dogs, and working at WCCC as a web marketing instructor.  Angie is an avid reader and aspiring novelist; whose favorite author is Ernest Hemingway.

Alex Lehman - Client Process Specialist

Alex says he specializes in "keeping everyone on the straight and narrow," while he reviews BDC communications for AIT's clients.  Alex is a fairly recent retiree from U.S. Coast Guard, where he spent the last part of his career as in a Chicago area recruiting office, and was a golden gloves champion as a youngster in Detroit.

"I think my background really gives me an advantage in working with the BDC reps, because BDC success has a lot to do with consistent application of a process, and that's what the military teaches."

Alex is a father of four now grown and successful young adults, including a soldier, a designer, and a well-known fashion model.  He has a bit of a travel passion, and enjoys touring historical sites.  Also, he can probably swap Star Trek episode stories with the best of them.

The Rest of the Gang:

Debra Jaeger - Lead Responses
Jamie Roberts - Lead Responses
Michael Robertson - Administrative Services
Joe Volpe - Technology and Programming
Aaren Ashleigh - Design and Creative
Alexandra Anne - Consumer Research
Nick Alfieri - Legal
Rose Kropik - Accounting and Administrative

I’m very impressed, I didn’t think we could get such good results in such a short period of time. What I really appreciate is that you did everything you promised to do and overcame some pretty stubborn managers and salespeople to do it. The team is excited now and everyone’s on board for the first time ever. It’s a pleasure to work with professionals who understand the Internet and how a dealership works.
— Dealer Operator - Florida